Who may contribute to the AEA Fund?

ONLY current or retired AEA members, AEA and Affiliate executive and managerial staff and their families may be solicited to contribute to the AEA Fund to help elect AEA’s recommended candidates. The AEA Fund may NOT accept contributions from the general public.

Why should I give to the AEA Fund?

The lives of every AEA member and AEA family member are affected each day by decisions made by the Arizona Governor and by politicians in the state legislature. From the tests you are forced to give, the number of students in your classroom, the hours you work, the amount of funding made available to support school lunch programs, children’s health care and after school programs, even the size of your paychecks, important decisions about your life are made by elected officials. If you join together with other AEA members to make your voices and concerns heard, you can help elect the right people to federal and state office, people who will work on educators’ behalf when making legislative decisions that impact your work, your students, your schools and your communities.

Making a voluntary contribution to support the AEA Fund gives you the power to support the election of the right candidates to state office, candidates who will represent your values and concerns in the governor’s office and Arizona Legislature.

How is a contribution to the AEA Fund different from my dues?

State and federal law says that ONLY funds voluntarily donated by AEA members, staff, and their families can be donated to the AEA Fund. Because the payment of dues is a condition of membership, dues money may not be donated to, or spent on behalf of, candidates, according to state and federal law.

How can I contribute?

Click here to contribute to the AEA Fund. You can make a one-time contribution or participate in our continuous membership program.