Local School District Recommendations

The following recommendations for bonds, overrides, and school board candidates come from local association leaders and members. 

Agua Fria Education Association recommends Vickie Landis and Steve May for Agua Fria School Board.

Balsz Education Association recommends Muktar Sheikh and Cesar Aguilar for Balsz Elementary School Board.

Cartwright Education Association recommends John Gomez and Pedro Lopez for Cartwright Elementary School Board and Yes on Override.

Chandler Education Association
recommends Lara Bruner and Bob Rice for Chandler Unified School Board.

Deer Valley Education Association recommends Jennie Paperman for Deer Valley Unified School Board.

Flagstaff Education Association recommends Anne Dunno and Carol Haden for Flagstaff Unified School Board and Yes on the M&O Override and Bond, and on local measures 423 and 424.

Glendale Elementary Education Association recommends Martin Samaniego for Glendale Elementary School Board and Yes on Bond and Override.

Glendale Union Education Association recommends Yes on Glendale Union High School District M&O Override.

Holbrook Education Association recommends Yes on the Holbrook Unified School District M&O Override.

Madison District Classroom Teachers Association recommends Mitra Khazai and Marc Osborn for Madison Elementary School Board.

Mesa Education Association recommends Marcie Hutchinson, Ben Smith and Jenny Richardson for Mesa Unified School Board and Yes on Mesa Bond and Override.

Osborn Education Association recommends Katie Paetz and Juan Carlos Flamand for Osborn Elementary School Board.

Professional Educators of Nogales recommend Dr. Marcelino Varona and Mary Darling, Sr., for the Nogales Unified School Board.

Paradise Valley Education Association recommends Julie Bacon and Susan Matura for the Paradise Valley Unified School Board.

Peoria Education Association recommends Davita Solter and Cory Underhill for Peoria Unified School Board.

Phoenix Union High School District Classroom Teachers Association recommends Randy Schiller for Ward 1, Stephanie Parra for Ward 3, and Steve Gallardo for Ward 5 for Phoenix Union School Board.

Pima Community College Education Association recommends Maria Garcia and Vikki Marshall for Pima Community College District 3 and Debi Chess Mabi for Pima Community College District 5.

Roosevelt Education Association recommends Michelle Campuzano and Nancy Pina-Gray for Roosevelt Elementary School Board and Yes on Override.

Tucson Education Association recommends Adelita Grijalva for the Tucson Unified School Board.

Washington District Education Association recommends Yes on the Washington Elementary District Override and Yes on the Glendale Union High School District Override.

AEA supports ballot measures that are good for schools, students, and our state and oppose those that would harm public education.  View AEA’s position on ballot measures.


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