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AEA 2018 Ballot Recommendations

Yes on Prop 127: Clean, Healthy Arizona for Kids

Proposition 127, the Clean Energy for Healthy Arizona initiative, will ensure future generations have access to clean and reliable energy.  As educators, we have a basic responsibility to leave our students a healthy and prosperous future. We also must prepare them for a 21st Century global economy and ensure that our state remains relevant and competitive in a world driven by innovation and technology. AEA recommends voting yes on Proposition 127. This measure protects our air and water, creates thousands of good-paying jobs for Arizonans, and ensures future generations have access to clean and reliable energy. Learn more about the Yes on Prop 127 campaign

No on Prop 305: Prop 305 Drains Money from Public Schools

AEA has long opposed private school vouchers because they divert essential resources from our public schools to private and religious schools with no accountability. Arizona can't afford to fund two school systems when the state isn't fully funding one. Proposition 305 would expand private school voucher eligibility to all public school students, draining even more funding from our starved public education system. AEA recommends voting no on Prop 305. Learn more about the No on Prop 305 campaign. You can also request a yard sign to proudly display your opposition to vouchers and support for our public schools.

No on Prop 126: Prop 126 Puts Future of Education Funding at Risk

At a time when our state is underfunding our schools and has failed to fix a four-year teacher shortage crisis, it does not make sense for Arizona to restrict its revenue options. This measure would amend the state constitution to prevent the state, cities, and towns from choosing to raise revenue by taxing services, such as fees for attorneys, accounting, interior design, wealth management, and so on. Prop 126 fact sheet by Arizona Center for Economic Progress. AEA urges you to protect local control and future revenue options for education funding and recommends voting no on Prop 126.


These positions have been approved by the the AEA Board of Directors.

AEA supports ballot measures that are good for schools, students, and our state and oppose those that would harm public education.  View AEA’s position on ballot measures.


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